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The Luedeka Body Weight Trainer

The Luedeka Body Weight TrainerA significant amount of research and design went into the development of the Luedeka Body Weight Trainer. The design is centered around the associated strength bands that are used with the trainer. The standard strength bands are approximately 41 inches long, which is an important metric as it is approximately the width of the frame when the small hangers are attached to it at any given point on the side frame. The height of the frame was also determined by the length of the associated strength bands. At 7 feet 6 inches tall the frame allows for the bands to be stretched downward to double their length. These metrics are important because they allow for objectivity as to how much assistance or resistance you are using when exercising within the frame.

The manufacturers of the strength bands have determined the amount of force the bands can maximally produce when the are stretched to two times their resting length. By designing the frame in this way the user is able to closely estimate forces utilized during exercise and therefore scientifically design their functionally based exercise program. The Luedeka Body Weight Trainer comes with five resistive strength bands.

The frame includes adjustable arm bars as to accommodate all body types during upper extremity closed chain exercise. These bars can also be utilized for other warm up and stretching activities.

The Luedeka Body Weight Trainer occupies only a 6 x 4 square foot floor space. This allows for a total body workout to be done in a home and also saves valuable square footage in a gym or personal training studio.

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About the Luedeka Body Weight Trainer

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Offload Body Weight

Offload Body Weight

For those unable to perform functional closed chain exercise following the established guidelines for resistance training, the frame enables the user to decrease their body weight therefore allowing for proper and specific form. Offloading body weight enables exercises to perform movements they would otherwise be unable to do, providing better programming and more variety to their fitness routine.

Add Resistance

Add Resistance

The frame unique to The Luedeka Body Weight Trainer allows those who are functionally strong to add resistance by placing the strength bands in strategic locations on the frame. By design, during most resisted upper extremity exercise, the bands apply resistance close to your center of mass. This engages a great deal of core stabilization to complete the exercise with proper form.

Improve Power

Improve Power

The Luedeka Body Weight Trainer is designed to allow you to independently develop your speed of motion in both your upper and lower extremities. By the frames ingenious design, and the use of heavy duty elastic bands attached to it, over-speed training can easily be accomplished. By getting stronger and faster you will become more powerful.


The benefits of training with The Luedeka Body Weight Trainer are extensive. It delivers the conditioning and body composition results that all populations seek, and additionally improves users’ overall wellness through perfect form execution, decreased injury risk and equalized strength.

Proper Form

Proper Form

The Luedeka Body Weight Trainer allows all users to exercise against closed chain forces while developing the proper form needed to prevent the aberrant motion patterns typically learned when functionally training against forces your structure has not yet adapted to. These aberrant motion patterns significantly contribute to the development of Degenerative Joint Disease, making the Luedeka Body Weight Trainer an imperative tool for the training of optimal joint health.

Decrease Injury Risk

Decrease Injury Risk

It has been scientifically proven that functionally exercising your body against closed forces decreases your risk for injury. The Luedeka Body Weight Trainer allows you to strengthen your upper body without causing undue stress on the vulnerable rotator cuff, and by developing proper unilateral lower extremity strength and movement patterns you are less likely to experience back and lower extremity dysfunction.

Equalize Strength

Equalize Strength

The ingenious design of the Luedeka Body Weight Trainer frame allows for single arm and leg functional motion, which is difficult to execute through traditional training methods. Specific exercises like one arm push ups, one arm pull ups and single leg squats allows users to develop strength equally between limbs. This is important as you are only as strong as your weakest link.

The Luedeka Closed Chain Trainer is adaptable and a must-have machine for multiple types of facilities:


The Luedeka Body Weight Trainer is exceptional for large or small gym settings, permitting members to experience a customized functional training workout that is typically unavailable for facilities with a large member base. The Luedeka Body Weight Trainer provides innovative ways to increase the revenue of personal training departments. Members at gyms with The Luedeka Body Weight Trainer are privy to cutting edge equipment and ultimately, better results.

Personal Training Studios

In a studio setting, The Luedeka Body Weight Trainer is ideal, as it maximizes space and optimizes clients results. Additionally, the presence of The Luedeka Body Weight Trainer positions studios with exclusivity. Our studios with The Luedeka Body Weight Trainer are cutting edge and reknown for progressive client results.

Physical Therapy Clinics

The Luedeka Body Weight Trainer allows for the objective and gradual application of functionally based closed chain exercise. Closed chain exercise is specific to patient needs and has the greatest affect on their outcomes. Our physical therapy users are able to accelerate the progression of their patients through customized proper functional programming.

In-Home Use

Thanks to its small 6 x 4 sq/ft footprint and 7 foot 6 inch height it is possible for an in-home user to do a total functional workout in the privacy of their own home. Our in-home users save time and money - and get the physical results everyone wants - within the privacy and convenience of their own home.

Manual Reference Included

Manual Reference

A detailed 75-page manual comes with the Luedeka Body Weight Trainer. The manual educates on functional closed chain exercise and the CKC Fitness Systems belief in the components of fitness. It also provides detailed info on how to set up and perform the exercises.



The frame has a full 3-year warranty. Use of the frame in ways it was not designed to be used will void the warranty. The innovative design of CKC Fitness System’s Luedeka Body Weight Trainer makes it a piece of fitness equipment meant to last.

Strength Bands

Strength Bands Included

The Luedeka Body Weight Trainer comes with 5 resisted/assistive strength bands that are capable of offloading or adding from 5 to 200 lbs of force. Additionally, the Luedeka Body Weight Trainer comes with two long band holders and four short band holders. These band holders facilitate all of the various placements for band resistance/assistance on the Luedeka Body Weight Trainer.

The standard frame color is dark gray. The frame can be ordered in most colors, however there will be an upcharge for colors other than dark gray.

The Luedeka Body Weight Trainer comes with a comprehensive manual (including photos showing proper form) detailing how to safely do all of the exercises listed below. This list is a guide to get you started. There are numerous creative ways to use the Luedeka Body Weight Trainer.

Lower Extremity Exercises

  • High Knee Tucks
  • Heel Kicks
  • Straight Leg Kicks
  • Lateral Squatsv
  • Hip Hikers
  • Closed Chain Hip Extension, Resistedv
  • Step Ups, Assisted
  • Step Ups, Resisted
  • Squat, Assisted
  • Squat, Resisted
  • Split Squat, Assisted
  • Split Squat, Resisted
  • Foot Elevated Split Squat
  • One Legged Squat, Assisted
  • One Legged Squat, Resisted
  • Spinal Bending
  • Spinal Rotation
  • Hip Abduction, Resisted
  • Knee Extensions, Resisted

Upper Extremity Exercises

  • Incline Push Ups, Assisted
  • Incline Push Ups, Resisted
  • Decline Push Ups, Assisted
  • Decline Push Ups, Resisted
  • Single Arm Incline Push Ups, Assisted
  • Single Arm Incline Push Ups, Resisted
  • Single Arm Decline Push Ups, Assisted
  • Single Arm Decline Push Ups, Resisted
  • Inverted Rows, Assisted
  • Inverted Rows, Resisted
  • Dips, Assisted
  • Dips, Resisted
  • Closed Limited Shoulder Abductions
  • Closed Scapular Horizontal Abductions
  • Closed Chain Shoulder Shrugs
  • Pull Ups, Assisted
  • Pull Ups, Resisted

Core Exercises

  • Sit Ups, Assisted
  • Sit Ups, Resisted
  • Overspeed Sit Ups
  • Lateral Crunch Sit Ups, Assisted
  • Side Hip Lifts, Assisted
  • Side Hip Lifts, Resisted
  • Resisted Core Rotation
  • Kneeling Woodchoppers, Assisted


How do you assemble the Luedeka Body Weight Trainer? Download the assembly instructions PDF or watch the video below.

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